Session with the Skolkovo Business School

Similar to the previous session, this one with the Skolkovo Business School was also conducted via telco. The reason, however, was complicated than only distance between the Netherlands and Moscow.

I was actually initially planning to come to the school in person (we met with the people from the school earlier this year, when we helped them to organise the learning tour to the High-Tech Campus in Eindhoven (and then I *almost* went there when we were doing our fieldwork in Moscow in April). Thus, I was very happy to learn that they invite me to make a presentation about practices of innovation in Philips, and broader, in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, the latest developments in Russia made any trips to this country very problematic, at least temporarily. Due to the currently very tense relationships between Russia and the EU we have already have two of our projects postponed, and many more may follow the suite. We made a decision to run this session via telco.

It worked fairly well, at the end it was more traditional lecture, and not our more typical interactive workshop or a game. But yes, if I would be there, it would be much more interactive. So, next time better.

PS: And yes, the lecture was in Russian, as you can see from the slide 🙂

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