STBY/Summ( )n Summit in Amsterdam

On September 25 the small team of Summ()n-ers visited the studio of our partners, NL/UK design agency STBY in Amsterdam. We labeled it a ‘summit’, but it was – as always with STBY – a very informal and honey gathering, yet very professional too.

The idea was to share Summ( )n’s expertise in the area of ‘future studies’, and more specifically, the cross-section of design research and (playful) explorations of the futures, the exact same things we are trying to push from the very start of Summ( )n.

Our ideas had been received very well and even immediately contributed to the design of one of the possible future (sic!) projects we plan to do together soon.  Appropriately for the topic, we didn’t only ‘talk’, but played’ the future too, using our ‘future alignment’ tool.

As often happens in this case, the alignment caused a lot of… if not steers, then active discussions in the STBY team 🙂  It’s always amazing to discover how different people’s ideas about the possible futures, even if these people work in the same team for years.

But ‘future surprises’ aside, it was a very fruitful meeting, and definitely not a one-way presentation of Summ( )n to STBY, but rather a co-creative discussion, forging new propositions to, well, future clients.

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