Social-IST Conference in Brussels

For us every technology is ‘social’, or rather any technology and society are not the separate ‘entities’, but different threads in the complex socio-technological developments. And yet it is also known that some technologies (and IST is a ‘good’ example of that) are being developed as in a social vacuum, to the extent that we later need to run special event discussing how to bring them back together.

That was the goal of one conference in Brussels I attended the other day, Social-IST, or Social Collective Intelligence.  This is also the name of one of the EU-funded projects, aimed at exploring how very powerful capacities of modern ICT could enhance the existing social and communal practices (‘social intelligence’).

It was the final event of the projects, and most of the presentations looked like the delivery reports; yet some other also posed more questions, rather than providing the answers.  One of them was the keynote by Geoff Mulgan, CEO of Nesta – the one I blissfully missed, due to the traffic jams around Brussels. I had a chance to catch-up with Geoff later in the break:

As often happens, the most interesting were not the speeches, but the talks with people who came to the event. I was lucky enough to meet (again) Herve Boulrlard, Director of IDIAP Research Institute in Martigny, Switzerland.

I visited IDIAP many years ago, and was pleased to learn that the institute has massively developed since that times. I am very keen to revisit them again, hopefully soon, by kind invitation from Herve.  It would be great to work with them on one of our projects of ‘gamified exploration of the possible futures’

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