NeuroWeb: The future of… us?

Not without some hesitations (see my earlier post about the projects in Russia) but I went to Moscow to participate in a panel discussion at the Russian Energy Grid forum. But before that I managed to get into the workshop where people discussed very different kind of grids, or rather nets.

We get used to the web, and even survived web 2.0; we are now surfing through the emerging typhoon of the Internet of Things (it’s even remotely not here yet the buzzing about this ‘web of things’ is already ubiquitous).

What’s next? is a kind of question we love to hate, and yet it is the one that inspired the group of thinkers and doers kindly invited by the Russian Venture Company to brainstorm (sic!) about the future of brain-net. But not the future of *one* neural net we all have in our skulls, but the possibilities to united all the human brains into one giant web – or the neuronet (or the WeBrain, as was proposed by one of the participants).

It was often mind-boggling, but fortunately we had a vey high level of the participants, who didn’t allow the discussion to slide to the banalities and cliches that circulate in the media. Very inspiring and very thought-provoking – but also thought-uniting! Thanks to Pavel Luksha who summoned me to this gathering.

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