Robot’s Revolt & Russian Energy Grid

The conjunction of the two subjects in the title of this post, of the Russian energy grids and revolting robots, does not imply something like ‘against’ or ‘versus’, or even ‘in’. It should rather be read as ‘at’ – and not even at the electric grid itself, but at the annual industry forum held in Moscow.

I was invited to join an expert discussion with a rather intriguing name: “The Internet of Things: Robots’ Revolt or Decent Future of Humanity” (the subtitle was ‘What skills do we need to develop for the future?)

The scope of the discussion is obviously very wide – but the was the expertise of the panel, ranging from engineers to managers, from thinkers about the futures to science-fiction writers. Together we concluded that the revolt of robots is not very likely (though the fears of such may cause harm), but new thinking about the potential of smart, connected technologies is needed very urgently.

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