Courtauld: Modern Art

The gem of the Courtauld’s collection of modern art is of course its Bar at the Folies-Bergère by Édouard Manet (for me, that is, in the context of my endless saga on the mirrors in art). I write about this painting in my mirror blog (see ), and here I only post the images of some of the works I found interesting and manages to take pictures of:

I was not the only one who was taking pictures; it’s really great that museums start allowing more and more often to take pictures of their collection – and what is more important, of people experiencing art.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir – La Loge (1874)





Paul Cezanne – The Montagne Sainte-Victoirie (c.1887)



Paul Cezanne – The Lake at Annecy (c.1896)



Paul Cezanne – Tall Trees at the Jas de Bouffan (c.1888)


Paul Cezanne – Pot of Flowers and Pears (c.1888)


Paul Cezanne – Man with a Pipe (c.1888)


Paul Cezanne – Farm in Normandy (c.1882)


Camille Pissarro – Festival at the Hermitage (1876)

Paul Gauguin – Te Rerioa (The Dream) (1897)





Edouard Manet – Banks of the Seine at Argenteuil (1874)


Claude Monet – Autumn Effect at Argenteuil (1873)


Vincent van Gogh – Peach Trees in Blossom (1889)


Georges Seurat – The Bridge at Courbevoie (1886)



Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec – In a private dining room (At the Rat Mort) (1899)


Vincent van Gogh – Self-Portrait with a Bandaged Ear (1889)


Max Pechstein – Women by the Sea (1919)



Gabriele Munter – Portrait of a young woman in a large hat (1909)


Alexej von Jawlensky – Manola (1913)


Henrich Campendonk – The Dream (1913)


Pierre Bonnard – Woman in an Interior (1906)


Amadeo Mogdilliani – Female nude (1916)


Chaim Soutine – Young woman in a white blouse (1923)


Maurice de Vlaminck – Reclining Nude (1905)


Kees van Dongen – Torso, The Idol (1905)


Georges Seurat – Man in a boat (1884)


Georges Seurat – Boat at a riverbank (1892)


Georges Seurat – Beach at Gravelines (1890)


There was quite a sizeable collection of the works by  Walter Sickert, but I also write a separate post about him and his paintings, in the context of his art mirrors.

Walter Sickert – Reclining nude, Mornington Crescent (1905)

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2 Responses to Courtauld: Modern Art

  1. Cezanne is listed as the painter for a painting by Gauguin:
    “Paul Cezanne – Te Rerioa (The Dream) (1897)”

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