Doing Futuring on Fireworks

This New Year’s firework was there, but that’s about it. It was, perhaps, the least impressive show we’ve seen for the last 10 years or so in the Netherlands; nice, but nothing grande, and also quite short. But we enjoyed at least what we had.

And some blasts had been pretty impressive anyway:

Our own ‘show’ was also least impressive, we somehow manages to buy the most ‘childish’ set of fireworks, and not one of them went higher than a couple of meters. But again, we had our fun:

Careful preparation


And our own mini-show:

Some explosions were more impressive than the other:

But the experience was ‘dramatic’ in any case:

Of course, the ‘real drama’ is not in ‘real life’m but in the way of presenting it:

The last picture is not even a firework, but the branches of the tree standing nearby; long exposure and strange flares of light made their work.

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