On tender colors, and burned trees

An (almost) obligatory After-New-Year walk in the local heides, or heed;  this time it was Cartierheide.  The day was cloudy, and it was already relatively late, so the colors were beautiful, but so tender delicate that it was hardly possible to capture them by any camera.

Below my few bleak efforts. 

It was an interesting tree, burnt, but only on a surface, as if it was painted by some graffiti master:

We saw a bit further another tree, also burnt by this fire; it was split into two halves, one dead and one still alive:


Trying to capture water surfaces, and complex reflections:





One of the tree was used (also fairly obligatory) for the shatter-camera exercises:



Further through the heide; it was almost empty, people-wise, we met five or six people during the whole walk, far less than usually.




Quite a bizarre cloud; and again, very difficult to capture the true color of the sky; here it’s almost plain blue, but in reality it was much more complex:

And the same goes for the color of the grass around:


Few more zoom-in experiments (only it wasn’t ‘zoom-in’, I had a fixed lens, so it was ‘camera-in’):



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