De Flaes – and de Flaestoren

I showed a few impressions from our walk around De Flaes lakes, but those were mostly from the forest, not the lakes themselves. This part will be a bit more wet, or at least it will have some water surfaces. The weather was not very good, the skies, grey and gloomy, so all my images are so-so. The one below is basically a zoom-in of the one above:


Lots of ducks, and other birds (whose kind I never know); below is a zoom-in of this zoom-in:

I also made a few short movies, to capture the sounds of these floсks. Unfortunately, I can’t embed the videos directly here (unless they are from YouTube), so put these pictures with the hyperlinks:

Birds are everywhere:

Few more view of the lakes:

I have a short movie made at this very spot, but it basically shows nothing but the noise of the wind:

On the very first picture one can spot a strange construction:

This is so called De Flaestoren, the Tower of Flaes (lakes), a recently erected installation. We’ve been near this tower before, but never managed to get up (or rather we never had the coins to pay for the entrance – beware, the tower doesn’t accept any cards, yet!)

More view of the lakes on the way to the tower:

as well as some other examples of interaction of the nature and the culture:

Soon we start approaching the tower:


And we were not the only ones!


The first gates are impressive, but free to pass:

But the entrance to the tower itself costs 1 euro 😦

Despite the cost, the tower is crowded with people; of course, it was Sunday AND the holiday period, but the newly erected monument is still an attractions for the locals:

We start our ascend:

I am trying to capture the element of this impressive construction,  an interesting combination of wood and metal:

Soon we can already see the top-down views:

And not only of the tower itself, but of the surrounding views:

On this picture it’s possible to see the very spot from which I made the first picture – there is a small bench on the bank, bit to the right from the middle of the picture.

Marches right beneath the tower:

The boy is showing, half-jokingly, how he is terrified with the height:

But only *half*,  the tower is pretty high, around 20 meters of so, and is not designed to be solid; quite opposite, it’s very shaky at the top, so people with higher sensitivity to the heights could feel some vertigo. Ok, perhaps not as extreme as on this pictures, but be ready for some turbulences on the top:

More views in different directions:

More birds

Again, I am never sure, but I thin these are not ducks but some other birds:

The last look from the very top, on the birth beneath:

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