Not one, but two…Malpe


This may look like one of the views of the Malpe I was showing just yesterday – and it is!  We’ve been so astounded with the carnage scenes there that decided to come to the place one more, this time with the boy, to share with him both the beauty and the pain.  He basically grew-up with this place, we ‘ve been coming to the heide of Malpe for the last ten years or so.


(Some 20 more pics from the unrooted Malpe)

The walk through the forest is more or less the same:


The sun is as bright as yesterday, if not brighter, but it’s also much colder today, and seems that there was rain earlier, or a very strong dew.

There are also many more people today (it’s Sunday).


Somebody lost his phone, quickly found by somebody else:

Water ‘saucers’ are frozen:



It’s a pleasure to check how thick is the ice:


to then figure that it’s quick thick, in fact!


We are approaching the inner lake – ‘this side’ is untouched:


But even the lake is half-frozen:


Then we reach the destroyed part, and the boy is expectedly shocked:




I take more and more pictures of this battered, twisted landscape:








Lot of soil is striped from the upper layers of grass and covering, and we even try to ‘play knvies’ (?  – I don’t know the name of this game in English, and even if it exists at all, when you need to throw a knife, trying to slice a portion of a circle).


But the game doesn’t go well, the earth is bare but also frozen and very hard to stick the knife in.


Frozen leaves in the shadow:



The tree cuts are shining in the bright sun:



The sun is everywhere today, and creates fantastic compositions of light and shadows:


Eventually we leave this new/old place, with some mixed feelings (these are not us, us course, just some horsewomen).



The message is unclear.



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