Museum of Religious Art in Uden


Below is a few pictures of the Museum of Religious Art in Uden that I took when’ve been there.



It’s not easy to make a good picture of the museum, there is not single place from which you would see the whole building. Especially if you only have a tele lens (as I did, when we’ve been there – and was not able to take any wide-angle pictures.) I tried to focus on details then:


The image in the top of this posting shows only the upper part of the gates:


We didn’t find the name of this sculpture; it could be of St.Mary (Annunciation?) or perhaps of St.Birgitta (or Bridget of Sweden, the founder of the Birgittine Order which this monastery belongs to).


As I said, it’s not easy to take a good picture of the entire monastery (unless you would use a drone), so I took the Google maps’ ‘shot’. The yellow dot is where all the above pictures are taken (the red one is an entrance to the museum). We didn’t mange to come to the church (gray rectangle near the yellow dot.


I found an image on the web that shows this place a bit better:








The sets of pictures I took in this day can be roughly divided in the following clusters:



A few above are about the Museum itself – so called Museum voor Religieuze Kunst, or MRK. I then have a set about the ‘objects’ presented in the museum (with a special sub-set of the monstrances).  I have also a separate subset of the paintings (or everything 2D, as opposed to the mostly 3D nature of the previous set).   There is also a special set about Russian icons (the museum apparently has its own collection of icons, plus when we’ve been there, there was also a special exhibition of them. There was also an exhibition about re-makes and re-appropriations of the Isenheim Altarpiece, which somehow resonates with the collection of modern religious art in a possession of the museum.  Finally, there are few pictures of the St.Peter’s Church in Uden, and then the large set from the Slabroekse Bergen, a heide and a forest near Uden.

When I write ‘a set’ it also means a separate posting here – see them at

Objects in the Museum of Religious Art in Uden, and of them,

Monstrances in the Museum of Religious Art in Uden

Paintings in the Museum of Religious Art in Uden

Russian icons in the Museum of Religious Art in Uden

Homage to Isenheim Altarpiece

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