Straatsche Heide


After a long and stressful day (week? month?) went to our favorite revitalization place, in the Straatsche Heide’s forests.  Looked like they cleared the thickets, lot of trees cut:

Not so many fallen logs left, we mostly saw the stumps, some of them really fresh, they still smelled with wooden sawdust:


It also looked like they plan to to set a plumbing in the forest (I wouldn’t be surprised, knowing the Dutch way of doing forestry):


As often, I was also spotting all sorts of other ‘artificial interventions’ to the life of forest; this wasn’t, of course, the collision of ‘culture’ with ‘nature’, but merely of different ‘cultural tribes’:


An artificial hovel near artificial lake; with an attached instruction of how to use it:


We have found this like not so long ago; it’s so perfectly round that we thought it was created by an meteorite:


I sometimes think that event the ripples on the surface are not really ‘real’, but an image on some sort of display:


When leaving we saw a large groups of bicyclists; as a I said, one ‘cultural tribe’ colliding with another:


I even managed to make a short movie; but the WordPress only allows to insert YouTube clips, I put my on on Flickr.




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