Garden center: Flowers & more

Went to a local garden center to buy some flowers for our garden; not as bombastic as this one, something more simple, but while there, I mostly took pictures of such ones, exotic and colorful.

All the pics are made by iPhone, so don’t expect very good quality though.




General view on this flower paradise:


Lots of people, too.




I thought there would be old babushkas there, but no, many young folks were buying flowers, too.


Not flowers, too; I was surprised how expensive this skull was, something in the area of 200 euro or so.


And then I got into all sort of ‘other things’:








You can sense very good design behind everything; these colors, for instance, are not just primary one, but all changed to to the same degree of hue, and ‘aged’ in the same manner. The shop belongs to a large chain, and it seems they  can afford a designer or two to produce their collections.

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