Probing the futures, in three simple steps

I wrote, already in March, that we’ve been invited again by our regular client, Moscow-based CRM company called Connexions (they had been bought by large Finish Itella few years ago, so it is now Itella-Connexions. It is already the third time in a raw that we conduct our workshops with their own clients, “to expand their minds’, as Alexei Kruzhkov, director of the company, says.

The picture above is not so much about these workshops, but it does show the new office center where Itella-Connexions  has recently moved (and where both our workshop took place this time).

As often happens in our workshops, the topic was dead serious (investigations of the possible future is very serious business indeed), yet we always try to do it by playing with these futures, so our atmosphere is  usually very creative and joyful (well, at least *after* the initial amusement):

A lot of things went very well this time (despite quite a complex program), but few could be “done better”; I partly fell a victim of my own success, to to speak, as the workshop had been attended by a lot of people. This, coupled with a very tiny room, created a bit messy and cumbersome flow. Indeed, next time better, they plan to rent a special place for my workshops next year 🙂

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