PR Forum in Almaty, Kazakhstan

I was recently invited to speak at the 10th PR Forum in Almaty, Kazakhstan, to be held in June 4-5,2014. It’s a great pleasure, and the honour to join the panel of speaker of this anniversary communication summit, but also also a massive commotion for me.

I was born in Almaty (it was called Alma-Ata back then), grew-up and studied there, first at school and later in the University, and still consider it ‘my city’; but I haven’t been there for 12 years, and in the five years before that I spent may be a couple of weeks in the city in total. When I look at the cityscape of modern Almaty, I hardly recognize it; I bet people did change too.

I will be talking about regional branding, and the need to understand the region in depth to do it properly (including both its past and its futures.) Ironically, I will be speaking about these issues in the place that I consider my own, and that I may know least by now. Time to catch up!

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