Future Breakfasts in Kazakhstan

I came from my trip to Kazakhstan already two weeks ago, but still didn’t write much about the event. Or events, in fact, there were many of them, in addition to the participation in the PR forum in Almaty. Most of them had been organised by Alexander Ruzanov, the director of the research agency BRIF, and a good friend of mine already for ages.

I will write a bout some of them separately, but to start with I’d like to mention two lovely ‘business-breakfasts’ that Alexander has organised for his clients and partners, one on Future Probing, and one on Co-research & Co-creation methods.

They’ve been held in a nice cafe with small but cozy conference room (resembling a catacomb a bit, from the first look). I thought that I will come to the first one already well-rested after the long-flight, but no, my arrival got delayed, and eventually I arrived to Almaty on June 2nd 4am (!), to start my presentation at 9 am (!!).  Obviously, my first presentation wasn’t very sane (but perhaps the presentation about future probing shouldn’t be anyway).  The second, on co-research, was already better (or I think so).

But in both cases, these gatherings were nice, very informal, and very active, with questions, discussions, and sharing own ideas. It was quite a relief, since I was in doubt until the last minute whether my materials would be of any relevance to the participants. They were.

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