EIT ICT Labs Summer School in Eindhoven

Earlier this year we’ve been invited to develop and conduct a training workshop about ‘personas’, and their use in designing modern ICT solutions. The task was commissioned for the coming Summer School of the Eindhoven branch of the pan-European EIT ICT Labs.

The assignment was difficult as is (we were given only three or so hours for the whole program), but we decided to make it even more challenging: first, we widened the scope, and decided to include some general principles of ‘people research’ into the program. And second, we of course suggested NOT to run yet another lecture, but make an interactive and playful event – a playshop. 

At the end we survived, but only barely so 🙂  The tools we developed did seemingly work, but also created a degree of confusion, at least in some groups (and there were quit a few of some, 10 in total!) But the main problem was still not the amount of people per se, but the lack of iterations. Basically, the groups did their mini-projects but we were not able to provide them with the feedback. We agreed, though, that this task will be done by their school mentors.  But these imperfections aside, it was very intensive day, and we hope it was of some use of the students.

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