Walking in Aachen


Again, this is not my picture, I didn’t have the right lens to take wide-angle shots, so I found this on the web. It’s the St.Paul Church in Aachen, and it was closed when we reached the building, even the gate was locked so we couldn’t enter the yard. But R. found a small side entry, so we could at least come closer to the building. Few ‘near-the-building impressions below.


Large Southern gate (also closed):





The Rose is a Rose is a Rose


And this is another Rose, an element of the church’s window rose:




Julia spotted the next in the Mary’s crown: location, location, location.


This another entrace (Western?), with a more modern gates:



The gate had lovely reliefs, with tiny faces emerging from its surface here and there:





R. is also taking photos of them:


This was yet another closed door, this time with a history of the church embedded into it:


Few more religious building around:



And other city scenes (I was capturing graffiti, following my recent exploration of the Eindhoven graffiti scene):



Cafe Einstein (!) where we eventually stopped by:


Julia at the Camera Museum (!)


and seemingly enjoying it!


On the way back to the hotel – the roofs of the Dom:



We’ve seen, with some jealousy, people in the upper galleries of the Dom’s towers – I didn’t know that it’s possible for the visitors to get up there:


A display of tassels in a shop window:



R. is telling that her father was making those:


And as a final step, a very weird staircases, close to pop-art (and not very safe to walk, especially in the twilight):





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