Glow’14 in Eindhoven

This year we haven’t been involved in any of the ‘projects’ during the Glow event in Eindhoven, but the show itself can be seen as a research project, of both ‘possible futures’ and people’s behavior’. Strolling through the evening streets of the city that are temporary transformed into fascinating installations is both a ‘trend-hunting’, as they call it these days, and a chance to see how people interact with them – and with each other.

There were a number of interesting concepts made by professional designers and artist, and they are cool & stuff, but our most favorite piece was actually made by kids (that is, by non-professionals). The large installation was assembled from the pieces made by different school in the city, and each piece was composed of a few art works made by kids; together they made up a huge light caterpillar, few dozens meters long.

And it was not just a show off case, like many other installations, it was an interactive show – and also in a sense that it enabled interactions of the people who were walking through it. 

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