Museum of Zaragoza – II (Roman Art)

Zaragoza became a prominent city during the times of Ancient Rome (its very name, in fact, is a slightly deformed Caesar August). There are still various Roman ruins in the city, and of course its museum also displays some artifacts, most notably mosaic works.

I was just talking pictures, and only rarely the descriptions, so for many pieces I can’t say now when they are made or where come from.

I was not the only one who was taking pictures:


Radom examples of geometric patterns:


I bumped into a stunning example of abstract art, almost XX century op-art:


And even a closer one:

I tried to make it ‘moving’

There were also examples of more figurative art:


Nereid (?) on a Sea Monster:

The next one was described as Eros and Psyche

Understandably, all these mosaics were filled with motifs of Roman mythologies. Thus, I was very surprised when I found what looked like the Christian symbols:


This was not a mosaics, but more like a piece of fresco:

In fact, they tried to reconstruct an entire room of the Roman times; it even had some elements of ‘interactivity’ (e.g., the light and music were on when one entered into the space):

I understood that this was an authentic piece of Roman furniture:

Because I didn’t take notes, I can’t say with any certainty which period the following reliefs are from; unlikely they are Roman, more probable they are from the Renaissance time:

There was also an assortment of even later examples of stone carving:

Mixing the time-order, I’d like to also show a much earlier example of stone caring I found there:

It dates to 900 BCE, and was apparently made by the tribes living in the Zaragoza area.


In a funny way, it resonates with much later (c.17th century) stone medallion:

Much larger relief of this time, with a dragon (?)

Still more to follow.

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