Windmill Walk

Our typical ‘Walking Meeting’, to a windmill not far from our house. The above is not a windmill but a strange ruins that we never managed to visit (the construction is on a secured area, and the image image is best what I can get from the fence (about 200 m from the building).

No leaves yet, but the buds are getting bigger and bigger.

A cat; we have own cat since recently, and looks at all ‘other cats’ more sympathetically.

What are the ‘trends’ in this low-tech solutions? Was this way of support used already a millennia ago or invented in the last decade? I have no idea, and this lack of knowledge (and also the lack of knowledge how to get this knowledge) always amazes me.

Another piece of ‘fence technology’:

Playing with light and angles:

Keep playing with light, and also camera settings, to get more ‘artistic’ look:


Two military jets are flying above, taking off from an airport that is located nearby. These military flights became way of frequent since the start of the Ukraine (NATO) conflict. I am afraid that If I would be posting here all the pictures I occasionally take during our walks, I could be soon considered a spy.

I can nearly see the face of the pilot (below is not even the maximum zoom I can achieve):

Finally we getting to the windmill itself. I took so many pictures of it so I don’t bother do it again. Yet there is always something interesting there, this time the birds on the blades:

Beneath, around the building there are interesting things, too, some sort of mechanisms, of unknown function.  Interestingly, but the gear cloves are made of wood:

Metal get rusty, and wood, mossy (??):

But both ways of decaying are beautiful, but the combination is even more interesting.

A tiled roof of one of the building nearby:

When taking the picture, I notice another plane, but this time a civic one, I assume.

Yet another cat on a way back:

Yet another play of light, on yet another fence:

The paddles are still covered by thin ice:

Even banal rubbish looks very surreal in these settings:

One of a very few people we meeting during these walks.

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