Cat Walk

Almost a month later after the first try, we went with our car to the same forest again. She is bit older now and a tiny bit more mature, but only so-so. She is seemingly less lost in when in the forest, but still gets crazy very quickly. She is surely a wild beast, not homey creature.

Very often this is the best of what I can do, as she runs and jumps very quickly:

The cat is the center of attention, for sure, but I am trying to capture other lovely things, too. If I would have more time, and a bit better lenses (need macro here), I would make a whole blog about these beautiful lichens.

The grass looks very beautiful too, weirdly beautiful even

but I suspect it’s not completely natural beauty, as we see a possible source of this color nearby:

The forest is used as a terrain for military exercises, and we often find here various traces of used ammunition, such as this dummy grenade.

Quite soon the cat gets very exhausted; ‘tongue on a shoulder’ is the Russian expression for such situations.

And here you can see the very tongue:

But after a short break she still rushes to the ‘jungles’, with all fur standing up:

Archetypically beautiful pines on the top:

and equally beautiful moss-covered stalks at the bottom:

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