Future Signals

I mostly publishes here the Grand Stories, like the visit to a famous museum, or trip to an interesting city (or a carnival, for example). This is all good, but life is not only about Grand Stories, in fact, most of life happens somewhere in between those, and consists of unremarkable daily routines and activities.

I do try to capture these small ‘bits and pieces’, but rarely put them here. The pledge of this year is to try to do it more often. A bonus would be to also spot what we internally (within our ‘family business‘, that is) call ‘future signals’, examples of something that is already happening but far from mainstream – and yet having all the chances to become the ‘mainstream of tomorrow’.

Large solar panels that are ‘mushrooming’ on the roofs of the nearby houses could be one such example:

What part of the picture below can be called ‘the future of mobility’?

Or can we see this as a future of food?

The last picture requires some explanations: this is one of the latest campaigns of Albert Heijn, one of the largest Dutch supermarket chains, that started to distribute these tiny ‘pots’ for home gardens. They had been offered instead of more familiar ‘bonus stamps’. Basically, if a visitor was buying a certain amount of products in the store, he was offered a block with vegetables of herbs.

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