Flight Forum Walk

Another ‘small walk‘, this time we decided to go to the Flight Forum, a business area near the airport. But to get there, we have to cross few residential areas first, and we start discussing the new materials that are used for construction.

We are currently preparing a workshop for a company that makes laminate, not exactly the latest material, but still new, and also currently going through multiple innovations. Here, for instance, we see that laminated panes are used for exterior constructions (I was always thinking that laminate is too fragile and can be only used indoor.

In the same building we also spot an interesting use of glass, not for windows but as a part of small door roof. Again, not so unusual for commercial buildings, this kind of usage is still not frequent in residential areas.

We also made a project last year for a glass-making company, and are discussion with few other possible materials companies, so a bit unexpectedly for us we start noticing new developments with materials everywhere. The slogan on this containers says ‘Bouwmateriale snel bexorgen!’, Quick delivery of building materials.

New materials also bring new aesthetics, such as these bright and more weather-resistant paints, that all beautification of otherwise mundane and unattractive constructions.

Soon we start passing by more industrial and office buildings; a very different world:

I like to spot the plays of light and textures, but otherwise these cold and lifeless constructions make me a bit depresses, they are somehow completely anti-human.

Soon we start seeing some humans too; or may be some human-like creations first:

But near such areas as airport people’s behaviour is so unnatural and dictated by so many ‘functional requirements’ so often they are also look not quite as ‘full humans’.

Even the most human emotions, like greeting or saying good-bye to the close ones, are massively wrapped on glass and metal here.

On a way back we keep spotting more ‘materials’, this time the pavement blocks

and the eternal fight of nature to reappropriate them back to living ecosystem:

The airport territory is surrounded by metal fences, but they also made these escape holes, or pathways- we assume they are for rabbits.  It is both funny and sad to notice these instances, of technology seemingly ‘allowing’ for nature to exist.

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