Glow’15 – Day I

This edition of Glow Festival in Eindhoven was pretty amazing; it’s a pity that I didn’t find a way to share all the pictures I took there. I am now showing just a small selection of the works, and only one picture per work. Let’s hope I will be able to update it soon.


The above installation is called Large Fire Tornado, by Ivo Schoofs.

And below is a small fragment of otherwise giant installation/ performance Inside Out: De Kathedraal, by InterArt.


The next one, an illuminating wall of the Parktheater Eindhoven was also made by the same collective, InterArt, and it was more complex than this one picture can convey.


Giant Dandelions:

Again a small fragment (in fact, a reflection) of the otherwise huge installation Il Giardino Incantata


A typical street scene during the festival.


Details of the light projection at Catharinakerk, this year called Diplopia:


Again, a detail of the street installation called Moira:


Lithographic World, made for ASML by Afterlight.


Kroonlichters, made by 2,500+ pupils from various schools of the city:


Horizontal Interference, by Katarzyna Malejka & Joachim Slugocki:

Reflection of the Light Wave installation by Frank Tjepkema:


Incandescence, by Séverine Fontaine

More will come later!




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