Opening of the ‘Srinagar’ Exhibition in VanAbbe

New and really interesting installation (or at least a constellation of art) has been opened at Vanabbe Museum in Eindhoven today. We tend to mostly write about ‘business’ here in this blog, which is quite narrow, as in fact Summ()n is always interested in a much wider perspective and a much larger of topics.

Praneet Soi, an artist from India was presenting his work today, explored both the pasts and the presents of Srinagar, a city in Kashmir province in India. The city has been a crossroad of multiple cultures, for millennia – but also of multiple cultural clashes, too.

The exposition is quite complex, and it reflects, and reveals the complexity of these cultural juxtapositions of this place. It would be great to see some of our projects (that are also addressing quite complex issues) presented in this way.

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