FBA – Elfleden Tocht

We had been finally accepted to the FBA! And – lucky enough – immediately had a great chance to learn about many of its members at once, as the collective run one of their annual open days (or rather opening evenings)!

The event was themed as Elfstedentocht, or Eleven Cities Tour, the famous skating tour that was traditionally held in the north of the Netherlands. The last such tour happened in 1997, before we came to the country, and in 2012 there was an event lately called “the race that happened not”, it was cancelled during the last moment (ice was considered too thin).

FBA has creatively hacked the name, and titled its own event as Elfledentocht, Eleven Members Tour. The idea was that every member and guest (especially guests) would take part in a tour of some sort, trying to ‘race’ through different places in the office and learn about as many members as possible (eleven was the minimal number for which one would get a medal).

As often happens with gamified event, the gameplay was not particular superb… but it worked! There were very interesting encounters, we met lots of interesting people, and learned about both members and some interesting visitors:

And it was fun party & stuff, too, of course.  

  On our side, we have prepared a short video about our FuturoGlimpse product, the one we plan to promote most heavily in the near future:        

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