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This is what happens when I forget to take pictures during our meetings 😦 I then have to use any other (more or less) relevant images to illustrate it – in this case, this is just a picture of sunny but a very stormy day of Feb 24th, when we had a follow-up meeting with the MyFutures team.

I wrote earlier about a 1/2 day conference that we attended earlier in January (MyFutures Symposium in U Delft), and also mentioned that I sent my feedback about MyFutures’ approach. Well, apparently this and other conversations within the project team lead to invitation to a meeting  where we would tell more about our Future Probing method.

The meeting was kindly hosted by the Alissa+Nienke, a design studio in Eindhoven (Alissa van Asseldonk, one of the co-founders, was present, too). It was quite intense conversation, very amicable too, but with a lot of ‘probing questions’. I sense that what we do (and the dolphins!) have stirred a considerable interest.  We agreed to think about a possible demo version of Future Probing for the project team, perhaps later in the summer.

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