Blockchain: More blocks, less chains!

I took this picture already after the event, but it somehow captures the content of what was happening during that day. There are some ‘blocks’ here, and the curvy tubes can be counted as ‘chains’; it is not quite clear what it is.

However, this was perhaps the best backdrop for Jan-Peter Doomernik who shared this very daring views on the future of blockchain, the futures of energy and, by extension, the future of our society at large.

‘Daring’ is a very mild way to describe his story, and if I would call it by the reaction of the audience the word ‘jaw-dropping’ would be much more accurate 🙂  It was so radical that I had to recall an attempt to build communist society in one country (we are commemorating its 100th anniversary this very year).

It was agreed that to make this daring future true we need equally daring experiments to run. Or perhaps to ‘play’.  Which is, of course, is what we propose with Summ( )n all the time. Only now we have to do it with less ‘chains’!


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