About Playing Futures

This blog experienced a rather complicated trajectory.  

I started in back in 2008, to write primarily about my ‘professional’ and ‘serious’ things – despite the name Playing Futures alludes a great degree of un-seriousness.  I was planning to write here about the tools and techniques to explore the futures, and specifically about the use of ‘serious games’. Back then I was working on these issues in a large company (and back then the company didn’t really allow its people to write about the things they do).

Later this concept, of ‘playing (with) the futures’, became a founding principle and a working approach of my own company, called Summ( )n.  It even went to the company’s slogan, ‘We summon the futures. To play with them now.’  Instead of propelling this blog, however, the company’s activities depleted it because I started to write about all these ‘explorations of the futures’ in the Summ()n’s own blog.

Eventually this blog soon became a collection of more or less random musements, and of the visual associations related to the ‘futures’ of all sorts, but also to philosophy, social studies, psychology, photography and what not. Because of the permanent time pressure, the postings here are often not much more than collections of pictures I take while visiting various interesting events. In a funny way, I often write less wordly content here than in my Twitter.

PS: Many things have changed since I wrote the above ‘about’ in 2012. I started a large research project related to the history of mirrors, and ideas about mirrors, and their depiction in art (see Art Mirrors Art). I also and spend more time on very visual Tumblr (I even moved there my longest-running project, aman-geld).  Gradually, this blog has lost its ‘future color’ and became a more conventional daily log where I keep the visual impressions as life goes by.

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