Vladimir Leninovitch Reflected in Antwerp

Not sure how this relates to playing with futures: the art project by Belgian artist Raymond Minnen seems to be more about playing with the past. But as I often write, here and elsewhere, the very attitude of playfulness is an essential prerequisite for any serious approach to thinking on futures,  and in this context this was a good exercise.

We bumped into this exhibition completely accidentally, when strolling through Antwerp the other day. De Zwarte Panter (Black Panter) is one of those  art galleries that makes the city a center of refined, decadent, elitist, but still very interesting cultural life, at least in Europe for sure. The building is very close to the main square, an epicenter of touristic activities, and it’s difficult to miss it – yet we managed to do so during many years. Finally we made the efforts to enter, and immediately encountered at least two interesting exhibitions, this one, and another one on post-Bosch. More on the second later, and now the floor is with


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I was in Moscow last week and suddenly learned that one of their cultural centers (ZIL) managed to bring a very interesting exhibition, The Future of Play, by Science Gallery from Dublin. I’ve seen many concepts before online, but it was a rare chance to experience them ‘for real’, so I managed to pop up there, between (too many, I am afraid) meetings.

These are the images from (or of) a brilliant game/installation called Interface, by Natalie Pozzi & Eric Zimmerman. Too bad nobody played it while I’ve been there; the exhibition hall was almost empty, and those few who’ve been there were too afraid to touch such beauty, I guess. 

Below are the above images shown ‘properly’:

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