Bosch: History and the futures

Everything is under Bosch’s Umbrella these days; the world decided to celebrate the 500th anniversary of his death (?!), and native town Den Bosch is the epicenter of this hurricane of remembrance.

This is stand in a local bookshop with the books and other stuff related to Bosch, his art and his time:

There is a large exhibition of his work in the Noordbrabant museum in Den Bosch which we will try visit (it’s guaranteed, thought, since all the tickets seem to be sold already!) More on this later.

Behind the cut a few other books I found interesting when browsing the shelves.

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Materia Expo in Rotterdam

Mateira is the Dutch agency that accumulates and distributes information about innovative materials. We have already seen their exhibition during the show on artificial materials in Veldhoven, but this was an interesting, but relatively small expo.

The annual show of Material Xperience 2016 was a beast of a different scale, a large three-day long show of a wide variety of materials that are already offered by the suppliers to the A&D sector coupled with the exhibition of the most bizarre new things:

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