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Walking in Aachen


Again, this is not my picture, I didn’t have the right lens to take wide-angle shots, so I found this on the web. It’s the St.Paul Church in Aachen, and it was closed when we reached the building, even the gate was locked so we couldn’t enter the yard. But R. found a small side entry, so we could at least come closer to the building. Few ‘near-the-building impressions below.

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Long pause again; sure, the projects, the holidays, etc, but still – this is not how it was all planned! We need to talk! (one small issues it to decide whom with). Oh, well, anyway. Look forward to doing more reconstructions of personal history in the future!

Let’s start from the most recent one. Aachen. Been there (and d0 plan to come again, I still haven’t seen a lot there). Managed to miss a very large exhibition that was there last three months, commemorating 1200th anniversary of the death (?) of ‘Carlomagno'; it wasn’t even one, but three exhibitions.



This time the trip was of slightly different nature, it was a bit of reunion, with R. whom we met earlier this year in Amsterdam (I am checking now, and yes, I actually mentioned those trip in this blog, albeit very shortly – In Amsterdam with i-shmael).  I wouldn’t be able to elaborate on the Amsterdam story, at least visually, since I didn’t take too many pictures.

In some way it’s also the case this time; we had a good wall, and lots of interesting talks, but photography-wise I don’t have too much to show.  I took a few pictures of mirrors in the Couven Museum, and write about them in my Art Mirrors Art blog (Mirrors of the Couven Museum); we also found an interesting show there, of raree-shows (Raree-shows in Couven Museum). The only part that doesn’t quite fit to those blog is a few pictures of old Dutch tiles that I also took in the museum – I hoped very much to discover some mirrors there too, alas.

So, I will show at least those here, and may be few more pics from Aachen:

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De Loonse Duinen


Forum on new materials in Veldhoven



(sort of) Graduation

Walking in Boksheide

The Year of Jan van Eyck in Maaseik


There was an exhibition about Livina van Eyck, the daughter of Jan van Eyck, in the city museum; I will have to write more about it, and post more pictures, I managed to take quite a few.





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