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Attention! NOW they can attack !


At the end I did manage to go to the mountains (I basically had only one day for that), and even was lucky enough to have a nice weather at the start. But later during the day the weather got sour, with stormy rain and even hail; I was literally blown off somewhere neat the so called Tuyuk-Su Gates. Great experience anyway.





PR Forum in Almaty


Flying over the Caspian Sea


Francis Bacon in the North Brabant Museum in Den Bosch

I once wrote, albeit very briefly, about the ‘mirrors’ of Francis Bacon (he painted quite a few of them during his life), but I was always going to write more, perhaps this exhibition will become an impulse for the me to start preparing this new posting.


The Red Square

Who could have imagined that the boy will be coming one day to Moscow as a foreigner, more or less?

‘Surrealism and livre d`artiste’ in the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

This was a very unusual exhibition; very surreal, indeed. The exhibition held in the separate branch of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, dedicated to the ‘private collections’, was presenting the social art-books, so called ‘livre d`artiste’ created by carious surrealist masters, from Picasso and Dali, to Andre Masson and Max Ernst, , Yves Tanguy and Dorothea Tanning, Leonor Fini and Jean Arp, and many more less know, but no less interesting works.  And even in case of the famous Dali and Picasso what was presented is far less known works, such as the above series of illustrations for the Alice in Wonderland made by Dali (I’ve never heard about it).

It was actually possible to take pictures at the exhibition (a rare case for this building), and so I took quite a few; the question now is how to find time to process and upload them here. One day, hopefully soon.



Exhibition of French Etchings in the Pushkin Museum, Moscow


It wasn’t allowed to take pictures at this exhibition (usually this museum does not mind, but this even had a status of an ‘exhibition” for some reasons, this overrules the otherwise permissive practice). I’ve bought a catalogue, and later will scan a few examples from it, there were a few very interesting examples of the ‘mirrors’ there, enough for a posting in my Art Mirrors Art.



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