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Demo Day in Evoluon

I wrote about this event in my ‘professional blog’ already (see Demo Day Edition 2015), so there’s no point to copy here the same pictures. As always happens on such events, I am trying to capture not only the ‘main things’ but also small details, little thingies. For example, how people handle their various gadgets – smartphones, tablets, cameras etc.

Below are just a few examples with the phones:

I publish this B&W image to also show that used it my other (let’s say semi-professional) blog, +/- cea – you can find it there as the Feb 3 post.  Behind the cut few examples of the pictures ‘as is’

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Snow Evidences

Just for the (future) record, *there was* snow today, and I even have some evidences captured.

Malpe, one more time



Lucy in the forest



Castle of the Kings of Navarra



In Prado Museum

In Museo Reina Sofía


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